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Germania On My Mind.

I completed the first 4 weeks of intensive German. (Monday through Friday from 8:45 AM to 12:15 PM). I learned a great deal in a month. I can order beer, french fries and salad in German! :) I look forward to the next course (Level 2) that begins on Monday. (Another 4 weeks). Please watch.

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Not American

I see and hear Americans on the train irregularly. Generally they are not the stereotypical Ugly Tourists. However, after having lived half of my live in the USA, with an American passport since birth and two American-raised children, I am not inclined to approach them. I am not one of them. They do not see […]

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UEFA: Italy 2 Germany 1

We watched the game at a nearby bar/restaurant with hundreds of people and dogs (including Mia). Very exciting even for the Swiss who are not anywhere near the finals. Sunday is the big game between Spain and Italy. We’ll be watching.

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Petra’s Flower Garden (Our Backyard)

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Jumping into the Limmat River

Young people jump from the bridge into the Limmat River and let the current carry them to the next bridge where they get out.

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Vending machine convenience.

Pregnancy test kit, candy, soda, chips, or condoms?

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Our future fruit and vegetable garden.

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Visiting Marianne’s Mother

Peter and Marianne picked Petra and I up at around noon. In about an-hour drive we were in the area of Lake Constance or Bodensee. Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) is a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps, and consists of three bodies of water: the Obersee (“upper lake”), the Untersee […]

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Going to the movies in Zürich

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Agua, Water, das Wasser

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