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Health care: Part I

In Switzerland health care is compulsory. After you officially register with the local authorities as a resident, you must enroll in a health care plan within three months. I had postponed my decision to enroll because my health plan from the US does not expire until the third week of August. Well, once you are […]

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Music and migration.

When you least expect it, it hits you like a ton of bricks. I have lived in Zürich now for two months. The language, the lifestyle, the people, the money, and the landscape are all different and foreign to me. Yet I am very happy and feel at home with Petra. I am not homesick […]

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Angus cows.

We live in a very special place. In one direction we are less than a 5-minute walk to the tram station (downtown Schwamendingen, a neighborhood of greater Zürich). In the other direction, we are a 10-minute walk to the countryside, where among sheep, goats, chickens, and horses you can also find these beautiful Angus cows. It’s […]

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Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the Migros supermarket to buy coffee (local markets do not open on Sunday) and ran into this mode of transportation, parked outside. I took pictures of it. As I was leaving, the driver appeared. It is basically a tricycle. According to the US manufacturer, it goes up to 20 MPH, and […]

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Looking back

After living in the wonderful city of Zürich I look back at the two months that have come and gone.

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Cut your own flowers.

This morning before my friend Christophe came to visit us from Yverdon, Petra and I went to get flowers.  We rode our bikes to a field 20 minutes from our house. You cut your own sunflowers or gladioli and pay 1 Franc per stalk. It’s the honor system at work! Please watch.

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New bicycle!

A bicycle in Switzerland is not a recreational item. It is a means of transportation that is taken very seriously. So I did. It is the first time I spend more than $150 on a bicycle; much more! and with a helmet! It is a Bergamont Sponsor. Shimano SLX 24-Speed. 28” Trekking, alloy 6061 Lite […]

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Talented young drummer.

The Justin Vali Trio from Madagascar had a concert at El Lokal, a wonderful stage/bar/restaurant in downtown Zürich. Petra and I went to see/hear them play. We also danced to their music. They string their own hand-made instruments with bamboo and break cables from motorcycles and bicycles. Th young drummer is very talented as you […]

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Mia’s Pastime

Mia is a different dog since she moved here. Like me, her life is more physically active. She walks an average of 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. In the woods and fields around us, there are many small black mice. They are about 5cm long (less than 2 inches). They are fast. […]

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Trains, cars and bicycles.

This morning I got on the bicycle to go to school only to discover that the rear tire was flat. I had to take the tram and the train to school, as I did for most of June. After class, as I waited for the train to go home, I recognized how much I enjoy riding […]

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