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Lifestyle and diet.

In 3 months and 6 days, which is how long I have lived here in Zürich, my lifestyle has changed. I do not own nor drive a car. When we need a car, Petra rents one from a local car sharing place. It can be as cheap as CHF10 per hour. So if we need […]

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Health Care: Part 2

Yesterday I went to see my primary care physician for the first time. He is part of a group practice. The office is less than a 3-minute walk from our home. There were 4 assistants (all women) who managed the practice with a relaxed but professional demeanor. I had gone earlier with Petra (because she […]

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Garden update

Meini, Petra, Sandra, Mike and I have made progress in the garden, since June, when we inherited it from a neighbor. (Our garden is not a Schrebergarten or Allotment Garden as some may think.) Today, August 25, 2012, we planted the first seeds in two beds. It is late in the season but we wanted […]

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Public Bathroom

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, it is not always easy to talk about traits that fit the entire nation. Cleanliness, civic responsibility, democracy, tasty cheese, excellent chocolate, accurate timepieces and beautiful people are among some that can be applied to the entire territory. Public bathrooms are a good example of the […]

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Franziska Furter, a Swiss artist based in Basel and Berlin created this wonderful mobile titled Mojo, installed under a bridge near the Viadukt in Zürich, as part of the Art and The City project. The mobile definitely brings mojo to the city. Mojo has different meanings: mojo 1 |ˈmōˌjō| A magic charm, talisman, or spell. […]

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Sense of space.

There are reasons why the Swiss and Europeans in general have a different sense of space when compared to people from the USA and Puerto Rico. Urban design, history, economy, politics, civic responsibility, and add your own. In the case of the US, size is also a factor. In PR it is not, although it should […]

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Mango update

The mango was delicious and worth the price. Its value outweighed its cost by kilometers. Petra, our guests and I really enjoyed it and recognized its delicious, sweet and tender qualities. We had it with vanilla ice cream. ¡Buen provecho!

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I went to the local market and this mango completely caught my attention. It was the first mango that I have seen here that looked like it was not picked green. I had to touch it to feel it. It felt perfectly ripe as if it had been picked from the tree yesterday. It was […]

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UPDATE: Becoming a legal resident.

Today, lo and behold, I received my AUFENTHALTSTITEL. Now I am a legal resident and have the right to work in Switzerland! Woohoo! My name is correctly spelled with ñ!: Abruña. In my US Passport my name has always been Abruna without the ñ. It is something that has always bothered me and all the […]

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Becoming a legal resident.

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