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320 Km/Hr

Petra and I went to Paris this past weekend. It was her gift for my birthday. ¡Nice gift! We had an unforgettable 3 days. We rode the TGV that put us in Paris, from Zürich, in 4 hours. It used to take 7. So for my filmmaker friends, students and video enthusiasts, I shot this […]

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Hiking the Klöntal

On August 1, Switzerland’s National Holiday, Annie, Marina, Petra, Mia and I went hiking in the Klöntal valley. Annie who grew up in the area served as the unofficial guide. She was a good guide. We hiked almost 5 hours, and towards the end ran into a wonderful surprise: an Alphorn player. The music reverberated in […]

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Gall, balls, & cojones.

Is what it takes for a Puerto Rican to tell a Swiss what a glacier is, as I recently did on an editing job, when we were searching for stock footage of one. ¡Ñooo!

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Petra prepared a traditional Swiss dish called Raclette, for my son Daniel who is visiting and for the two of us. It’s made up of melted Raclette cheese, potatoes and a variety of side dishes, such as pickled onions, pickled caper fruit, red peppers, plum tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, mini corns and radishes. The Raclette cheese […]

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My Things.

My things arrived at my house in Zürich on June 21, about 6 weeks after I had shipped them from Miami. I finally had time to put together something that captures my feelings about it. Please watch:

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