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Che in Europe

El Che is very visible in many places around Europe. A flag flying over a car garage in the small seaside village of Positano in southern Italy, an ashtray (for sale) at a rest stop in the southern French highway, and a mural at El Lokal, a Zürich music venue and bar, are three of […]

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Das Wetter

This past Monday was the first day of my B1 (Level 3) German class. We had to interview a classmate and then present him/her to the class. One of the questions that we had to ask was, what are the most striking differences between your homeland and Switzerland.  The class has a majority of Spaniards […]

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Book Vending Machine

Mario Giordano, Sophie Kinsella, Ken Follett, Andrea Camilleri, and John Le Carré are encased in a book vending machine in the Moscova station of the Milano subway. In this part of the world, printed books are still very much alive!

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1:12 Salary Ratio Proposal

The Swiss have started a campaign to create a law that would set a 1:12 ratio in salary compensation. That means that the highest salary would not be more than 12 times the lowest salary. You see the 1:12 banners hanging from windows in many buildings. There is opposition to this proposal and you see […]

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Mushroom Season

Rain is friendly to Switzerland. Autumn is particularly wet and friendly to mushrooms. Two weeks ago Petra, Mia and I went on a search for pilze. An hour train ride took us to an area many New Yorkers would call the woods. Except here the woods are as ubiquitous as skyscrapers. Less than 20 minutes into our 5-hour long walk […]

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