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Sketches of Cuba 6: Discovering Trinidad’s valley

On the day of Santa Bárbara or Changó we went on a horseback ride through Trinidad’s valley. We rode for about 5 hours. Along the way we drank fresh coffee, saw beautiful scenery, drank sweet and refreshing guarapo (fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice), bathed in a beautiful river pool and had “lechón asao’ a la varita” (roasted […]

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Sketches of Cuba 5: Capitalism

A Cuban friend told me: “El capitalismo llegó a Cuba y nadie me dijo nada!”. That is “Capitalism arrived in Cuba and nobody told me anything!” It seems true. Cuba is slowly opening the capitalist doors to the citizenry, and it seems that it will be hard to close them again. When I visited 30 […]

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Sketches of Cuba: Four: Double Currency

One of the most unjust things in Cuba is its double currency. Tourists and visitors from abroad pay for services in CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso). Cubans and locals pay and get paid in pesos cubanos (moneda nacional). Dollars are not accepted anymore, in most places. One has to change dollars to CUC. It’s best to […]

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Moment Video #4: Centro Habana

In Centro Habana you see how people live in this city. It is mostly slummy, with buildings falling apart and down, and crammed with more people per room than should be allowed. It is also where people create, dream, live and love. Here is a short moment on Avenida Neptuno, the aorta of La Habana.

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Sketches of Cuba: Three: Music and Poetry

During the 14 days we were in Cuba, live music was ubiquitous. In all three provinces we visited you could hear live music in restaurants, bars, plazas, and on the streets. The music in general ranged from good to very good. Cuba is more musical than Puerto Rico in this sense, but, as Cubans themselves […]

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Sketches of Cuba: Two

La Casa Ausente had​ its premiere at the 35º Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in La Habana Cuba. The festival is regarded by filmmakers, critics and audiences as the most important and prestigious festival in the Latin American world. I felt proud and honored to be in it! The festival was one of the most […]

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Sketches of Cuba: One

Petra and I attended the 35º Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in La Habana Cuba to present our film and poster of La Casa Ausente. We made new friends, watched Latin American films, and discovered many beautiful places. The trip for me had deep emotional and political overtones because Puerto Rico, my homeland, is very similar […]

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