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Photos from here and there

I was helping Petra with her website ( and captured a series of photos for it. We ended up using 4 photos. Here are the ones we did not use. Enjoy them.  

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Friedhof Sihlfeld

Friedhof cemetery in Zürich is a peaceful reflection location. I have never seen such a well maintained, harmonious and clean cemetery. Very Swiss. It almost makes me want to be buried. Almost. I still want to be cremated. Enjoy the pictures.

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Tulips in the garden

At the peak of tulip mania, in March 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. It is generally considered the first recorded speculative bubble (or economic bubble), according to Wikipedia. With these three tulips in our garden, we could have retired in comfort! Click on […]

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In The Desert

While in Dubai, I had the opportunity to go airborne over the Arabian Desert with my camera. The experience is best if you watch it in full screen and with headphones. Enjoy the video!

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La Casa Ausente Update

La Casa Ausente was shown in 5 different locations in Puerto Rico. Before and during the screening I did a short media tour. Thanks to Antonio Betancourt, Ilia Vélez and Joseph Villalobos for their help in coordinating many of these activities. (Check out the photos from some of the stops of the tour and the […]

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Arrow on the ceiling II

The room had a mat and a Quran, available for guests to use for prayer. All that was needed was the arrow to know in which direction to do it; that is, Mecca. From the hotel room I could hear the first, fourth and fifth calls to pray. I was in class during the second […]

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Arrow on the ceiling

Recently I was in Dubai, UAE, teaching two classes of Avid Media Composer. On the ceiling of the hotel room there was a black arrow pasted near the air conditioner’s vent. See the picture. In the next post, I will explain it.

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