Horn-y Switzerland

In autumn of 2018 Switzerland voted on a proposition to subsidize those farmers willing to let their cows and goats grow horns. For decades their horns have been welded at very high temperatures at an early age to prevent them from growing. It is very painful as you can imagine. The reasoning behind this treatment […]

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Sew Petra sew.

Since the beginning of our relationship one thing that I have admired, found attractive, and loved, is Petra’s skill at sewing and making her own clothing. She has a very good eye for beautiful fabrics. She sees a fabric she likes, buys a piece of it, and in two half-days she makes a dress from beginning to end. It […]

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The bee and the pollen

  Adina, Petra and I visited Osterfinger for the 10th anniversary of the “Sonntagsgärten” show, and enjoyed the beautiful gardens from the local residents. In one of them I captured this image that I dedicate to Petra.   You can zoom in and out on the map to see that we were near the German […]

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Sinfonía Tica

The Corcovado National Park of Costa Rica was famously labeled by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on Earth” representing 2.5% of the Planet’s biodiversity. In it we did a 4 day/3 night tour guided by a biologist. In four days we walked 52 kilometers (32.3 miles), through (mostly) primary and secondary forest. […]

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Enjoy this video of  a collection of photos captured in Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, Costa Rica. For the optimal experience view it on full screen and listen to it with headphones.

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Leaving alone what is not yours.

Recently Petra and I spent a week of cross-country skiing in Munster, Wallis. On the return home the train was full and with a group of obnoxious young army boys. We were traveling with Mia, two suitcases, two pairs of skis and a backpack. In the backpack I had the iPad, locally made food from […]

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Art in Zürich

I attended a show of Adina Gheorghiu’s latest art work. She is a talented artist living in Zürich. To my surprise, I ended up buying one of the works in the show. It was a gift for Petra. The show also had a group of interesting-looking people. The night was capped by a reading by Egon […]

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Photos from here and there

I was helping Petra with her website ( and captured a series of photos for it. We ended up using 4 photos. Here are the ones we did not use. Enjoy them.  

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Sketches of Cuba: Four: Double Currency

One of the most unjust things in Cuba is its double currency. Tourists and visitors from abroad pay for services in CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso). Cubans and locals pay and get paid in pesos cubanos (moneda nacional). Dollars are not accepted anymore, in most places. One has to change dollars to CUC. It’s best to […]

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Sketches of Cuba: Three: Music and Poetry

During the 14 days we were in Cuba, live music was ubiquitous. In all three provinces we visited you could hear live music in restaurants, bars, plazas, and on the streets. The music in general ranged from good to very good. Cuba is more musical than Puerto Rico in this sense, but, as Cubans themselves […]

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