An essence of Switzerland.

This photo I took while unplugging in Sent, Graubünden captures an essence of Switzerland:

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Mia and the goats

It sounds like the name of a punk band. Last year we spent a few days hiking the beautiful Strada Alta in Canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland. Enjoy the video.

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The main story: I composed this video as a gift for a friend’s 50th birthday. I wanted it to reflect a Jewish influence and have a violin reference, because she is Jewish and plays the violin semi-professionally. I was able to accomplish both with the visuals and the music (with its Klezmer tone). I shot […]

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Some men in canton Appenzell celebrate New Year’s Eve by singing carols to their neighbors while dressed with pine tree branches, acorns, wearing female-looking masks and very elaborate large headdresses. They are called the Silvesterkläuse, or the masked men of the New Year.  They spend all year preparing their costumes for this event, particularly the headdresses.  There are […]

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Public Bathroom

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, it is not always easy to talk about traits that fit the entire nation. Cleanliness, civic responsibility, democracy, tasty cheese, excellent chocolate, accurate timepieces and beautiful people are among some that can be applied to the entire territory. Public bathrooms are a good example of the […]

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I went to the local market and this mango completely caught my attention. It was the first mango that I have seen here that looked like it was not picked green. I had to touch it to feel it. It felt perfectly ripe as if it had been picked from the tree yesterday. It was […]

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UPDATE: Becoming a legal resident.

Today, lo and behold, I received my AUFENTHALTSTITEL. Now I am a legal resident and have the right to work in Switzerland! Woohoo! My name is correctly spelled with ñ!: Abruña. In my US Passport my name has always been Abruna without the ñ. It is something that has always bothered me and all the […]

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Becoming a legal resident.

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320 Km/Hr

Petra and I went to Paris this past weekend. It was her gift for my birthday. ¡Nice gift! We had an unforgettable 3 days. We rode the TGV that put us in Paris, from Zürich, in 4 hours. It used to take 7. So for my filmmaker friends, students and video enthusiasts, I shot this […]

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Gall, balls, & cojones.

Is what it takes for a Puerto Rican to tell a Swiss what a glacier is, as I recently did on an editing job, when we were searching for stock footage of one. ¡Ñooo!

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