The Undercover Gardener

To lighten the heavy load that so many dear people are carrying in Puerto Rico and the USA, I share this video shot at the beginning of the wonderful summer of 2017.

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Through the eyes of my brother

Recently my brother Tito visited us. He was in Basel for a conference at the University and stayed with us overnight in Zürich. Through his eyes I witnessed once again what I did almost 5 years ago when I first moved here: how things work well, how superbly organized and clean the cities are, and […]

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Loggerhead turtles in Culebra, Puerto Rico

We welcomed the New Year in Culebra, one of the islands of the Puerto Rican archipelago. It is best known for Playa Flamenco, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Lesser known is Playa Tamarindo and its well preserved and protected coral reef that hosts thousands of marine species. Sara and Daniel […]

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Moroccan musicians: male and female

In a country like Morocco, where men and women commonly live separate lives, and traditional gender roles are the norm, I had the opportunity to record a men-only and a women-only music band performing in public. The male band played in the grounds of the famous Koutoubia Mosque, the largest one in Marrakesh. The female […]

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Walkway of the Presidents

Recently I visited my homeland, Puerto Rico, the proud owner of a very special place called The Walkway of the Presidents. Enjoy the film!

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Abolish the toilet!

I created this motion graphic animation as part of the development of the film “Shit Happens”. Watch and listen!

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A reincarnation of four nymphs

On a recent trip to Italy we discovered Lago della Ninfa, or Nymph Lake. A nymph is a  mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, lakes, forests, and other natural locations. We found a reincarnation of four nymphs. Watch the video and see the interactive map to locate the lake.

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Flying Trees

During 2015, near my house (see map), many trees have flown away. Will they come back? Watch and find out.

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There Was a Mother

Recently I went back to the editing studio where I spent countless hours editing La Casa Ausente / The Absent House to pick up some disks for my daughter Sara. Along with them I also brought home two books that I had almost forgotten: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, […]

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Home Opera

Petra and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Home Opera at Marina Arnhold’s home in Zürich. The evening was nothing short from magical and spectacular. HOME OPERA, as its website correctly states, creates an intimate musical experience with a popular and rare opera repertoire, musical hits and other classics, performed by professional singers and musicians […]

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