Dada: 100 Years

2016 marked the 100 anniversary of Dada, my favorite art movement. Petra (a psychologist) and I (a filmmaker) were chosen to show our “joint venture”in Manifesta 11, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art that took place in Zürich from 06 June to 18 September, 2016. The concept developed by Christian Jankowski, Manifesta 11’s curator, was to […]

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Trapani, Sicily: Sunday May 30, 2017

Enjoy the under 3-minute video.

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Der abgerissene Strick

 Titel anklicken und Video anschauen. Für deutschsprechende Leute: nur das Video anspielen. Viel Spass! Haga clic en el título. / Click on title to watch the video. Una mirada poética a uno de los pasatiempos favoritos de Petra. El hilo roto puede anudarse de nuevo, pero sigue roto. Quizás nos encontremos otra vez pero […]

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The Undercover Gardener

To lighten the heavy load that so many dear people are carrying in Puerto Rico and the USA, I share this video shot at the beginning of the wonderful summer of 2017.

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Through the eyes of my brother

Recently my brother Tito visited us. He was in Basel for a conference at the University and stayed with us overnight in Zürich. Through his eyes I witnessed once again what I did almost 5 years ago when I first moved here: how things work well, how superbly organized and clean the cities are, and […]

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Loggerhead turtles in Culebra, Puerto Rico

We welcomed the New Year in Culebra, one of the islands of the Puerto Rican archipelago. It is best known for Playa Flamenco, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Lesser known is Playa Tamarindo and its well preserved and protected coral reef that hosts thousands of marine species. Sara and Daniel […]

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Moroccan musicians: male and female

In a country like Morocco, where men and women commonly live separate lives, and traditional gender roles are the norm, I had the opportunity to record a men-only and a women-only music band performing in public. The male band played in the grounds of the famous Koutoubia Mosque, the largest one in Marrakesh. The female […]

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Walkway of the Presidents

Recently I visited my homeland, Puerto Rico, the proud owner of a very special place called The Walkway of the Presidents. Enjoy the film!

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Abolish the toilet!

I created this motion graphic animation as part of the development of the film “Shit Happens”. Watch and listen!

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