Dear friends of La Casa Ausente / The Absent House:

Two years ago on 11 December 2013 La Casa Ausente / The Absent House had its world premiere at the “Festival internacional del nuevo cine latinoamericano” in La Habana, Cuba. Ever since, the film has participated in over a dozen film festivals in four continents, has been purchased by multiple universities and libraries across the USA, has been translated to Mandarin and Turkish, and it continues to generate interest in numerous parts of the world.

There are many reasons for its success but one that audiences invariably recognize is that in times of climate change and the doomsday consequences it entails, La Casa Ausente / The Absent House delivers a much-needed, hopeful, pro-active message that we can live sustainably while preserving the Planet for future generations.

The film is in good hands with its two distributors: Icarus Films (USA & Canada) and Espresso Media (rest of the world). I can now focus on my next project: Shit Happens: A story about restoring the vital human nutrient cycle and challenging our self-imposed censorship regarding how we speak about and treat the subject of shit.

In appreciation for your support throughout these fruitful 24 months, I share a video I shot (with my phone) a few days before the world premiere, on the day of Santa Bárbara & Changó in Trinidad, Cuba.

Thanks again, and may the New Year bring you health, peace, happiness, sustainable prosperity and an awareness that, as Buckminster Fuller said, “we all live in a little spaceship called Earth.”

Enjoy the short film.

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