Everyone needs some privacy, including dogs. Mia has two beds but no house. That is until now.

We first bid on a ready-made dog house on Ricardo, the Swiss eBay, but didn’t win the bid.
Then we spoke to someone who was hiring a cabinetmaker to make one for his Terrier.
Why would someone hire a cabinetmaker and miss on the fun of building a dog house!?

On her bicycle, Petra carried the seven pieces of wood needed to make it. She almost broke her back.
We followed a plan she had designed and loosely put it together to get a sense for it. Immediately we realized that it was designed for a German Shepherd and not a Beagle.
We went back to the drawing table and revised the design. After that it was fairly smooth sailing, until we found out that we had bought the wrong hinges, so the roof was not opening properly. It was designed to allow opening one side of the roof for cleaning, arranging cushions and more. So we rode our bikes to the hardware store (a 20-minute ride), got the right hinges and rode back.  We installed them and called it a day.

The next morning I painted it. The kids from the housing complex were in awe! They loved the house and repeatedly asked me if we had made it ourselves. During the day, as I painted it, once in a while they would come by to see the progress and to ask me when it would be finished. Josephine, a 7 year old neighbor asked me why were we writing Mía’s name on the house when Mía did not know how to read. I quickly grabbed for an answer and said: so your younger brother Julian (who is 4 years old) would not think it was his house. But then she riposted that Julian did not know how to read either, but at least he could recognize the first letter of his name, so he won’t get confused.

We let the paint dry overnight and today Petra put the finishing touches by painting the name and two small decorative designs on each side.

Mía really likes the bed. She is happy in her new house, as you can see in the photos, and we are very happy we made it ourselves.


  1. Lovely – and smart kids in the neighbourhood!

  2. Well… actually it is almost a graubündner house, with the deco on the side!

    A question: does it mean that she has a house, an extra bed and two sofas?

  3. Ok. Also, if someone else calls for the “Owner”, she will say: “Es MÍA”… Is she ready now for marriage?

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