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The Undercover Gardener

To lighten the heavy load that so many dear people are carrying in Puerto Rico and the USA, I share this video shot at the beginning of the wonderful summer of 2017.

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Carrots, Onions & Garlic

Spring is here and with it comes gardening. The garden requires you to slow down. You cannot hurry a seed. One has to follow Earth’s rhythm. In this short film Petra plants, I shoot, and Mia watches. Enjoy it. [wpgmza id=”10″]

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Yesterday’s harvest is today’s dinner!

Organic produce from our garden! Clockwise from top: green beans, radishes, cucumber, zucchini, potatoes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, arugula, fennel, cauliflower, red-leaf lettuce, rosemary & bean herbs (aka savory), beet.

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Harvesting Potatoes

Fresh potatoes! Garden potatoes! Organic potatoes! Blue potatoes! Potatoes! Watch it and enjoy it!

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Tulips in the garden

At the peak of tulip mania, in March 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. It is generally considered the first recorded speculative bubble (or economic bubble), according to Wikipedia. With these three tulips in our garden, we could have retired in comfort! Click on […]

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(Almost Summer) Garden Update

Peas are purple roses are red arugula’s ample berries on a bed. Summer’s not here yet, but carrots heads emerge. Fennel cannot anticipate when peppers will beget. Tomato plants are green, kohlrabi or maybe a beet, orange fruit will be seen for all of us to eat. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Summer!  

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Garden update: Spring 2013

According to popular and measured opinion, this was one of the longest winters in recent Swiss history. Spring officially begins on March 21 but we had about two inches of snow in mid April. We started our seedlings inside the house fearing a frost would kill them. Days are getting warmer but we still have […]

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Home-grown salad

We had a delicious home-grown salad with two kinds of lettuce, radishes and scallions from our shared garden. The cherry tomatoes are from Petra’s backyard garden, the one that survived the hail storm. We added organic olive oil we bought in the Cooperative Oleicole de la Vallée des Baux in Les Baux des Provence, rock […]

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Garden update

The four of us have been hard-at-work on the garden. We have received many compliments from friends and neighbors. They say it has very positively changed the look of the street. I agree. It looks very nice. Before the four of us took control of it, it looked lie an abandoned lot, not even a […]

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Official Garden Opening

Today, we had the official garden opening celebration. Meini, Petra, Sandra, Mike, Valentin, Benjamin, Mia and I celebrated with pumpkin pie, wine, chips and water. Esther joined us later. We have worked hard for the past month and a half. The pergola and the tank to collect the rainfall are built. Recently we had a […]

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