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Mia gets well.

Two weeks ago Mia was bitten by a dog. What seemed like a minor event developed into a life-threatening situation in no time.

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Removing thoughts

Last December I read in the Gulf Times, Qatar’s English daily newspaper, that China was removing the word thoughts from their definition of terrorism. Thoughts do have consequences but once expressed they become speech. So how do you prove that someone is having terrorist thoughts? Well, in China you do not need much evidence to arrest […]

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For Whom the Bells Toll

Enjoy the video!

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Mía has to move to a new house

Everyone needs some privacy, including dogs. Mia has two beds but no house. That is until now. We first bid on a ready-made dog house on Ricardo, the Swiss eBay, but didn’t win the bid. Then we spoke to someone who was hiring a cabinetmaker to make one for his Terrier. Why would someone hire a cabinetmaker […]

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Mia unmakes her bed

Enjoy the video shot and edited in the iPhone!

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Mia and the goats

It sounds like the name of a punk band. Last year we spent a few days hiking the beautiful Strada Alta in Canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland. Enjoy the video.

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Mia’s acting debut.

Mia’s acting debut in Bruno’s birthday video is a display of “delikat-essen” skills. Enjoy it.

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(Almost Summer) Garden Update

Peas are purple roses are red arugula’s ample berries on a bed. Summer’s not here yet, but carrots heads emerge. Fennel cannot anticipate when peppers will beget. Tomato plants are green, kohlrabi or maybe a beet, orange fruit will be seen for all of us to eat. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Summer!  

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Training to train Mia

After four 1-hour online sessions, Petra completed the required theoretical training to learn how to care for a dog, in this case our dog Mia. After each session she would have a question and answer session with the trainer. At the end of the four sessions she had to call the trainer via SKYPE to […]

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¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!

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