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Mía has to move to a new house

Everyone needs some privacy, including dogs. Mia has two beds but no house. That is until now. We first bid on a ready-made dog house on Ricardo, the Swiss eBay, but didn’t win the bid. Then we spoke to someone who was hiring a cabinetmaker to make one for his Terrier. Why would someone hire a cabinetmaker […]

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(Almost Summer) Garden Update

Peas are purple roses are red arugula’s ample berries on a bed. Summer’s not here yet, but carrots heads emerge. Fennel cannot anticipate when peppers will beget. Tomato plants are green, kohlrabi or maybe a beet, orange fruit will be seen for all of us to eat. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Summer!  

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Love and Friendship

Tomorrow Saturday May 25 will be the one-year anniversary of my arrival in Switzerland! After all the many new experiences, sights, sounds, smells, places and changes in lifestyle, there are two things that have been constant, solid and exhilarating throughout this year of adventures: love and friendship. More specifically, my love with Petra, who I met […]

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¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!

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320 Km/Hr

Petra and I went to Paris this past weekend. It was her gift for my birthday. ¡Nice gift! We had an unforgettable 3 days. We rode the TGV that put us in Paris, from Zürich, in 4 hours. It used to take 7. So for my filmmaker friends, students and video enthusiasts, I shot this […]

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Petra prepared a traditional Swiss dish called Raclette, for my son Daniel who is visiting and for the two of us. It’s made up of melted Raclette cheese, potatoes and a variety of side dishes, such as pickled onions, pickled caper fruit, red peppers, plum tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, mini corns and radishes. The Raclette cheese […]

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Cut your own flowers.

This morning before my friend Christophe came to visit us from Yverdon, Petra and I went to get flowers.  We rode our bikes to a field 20 minutes from our house. You cut your own sunflowers or gladioli and pay 1 Franc per stalk. It’s the honor system at work! Please watch.

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Talented young drummer.

The Justin Vali Trio from Madagascar had a concert at El Lokal, a wonderful stage/bar/restaurant in downtown Zürich. Petra and I went to see/hear them play. We also danced to their music. They string their own hand-made instruments with bamboo and break cables from motorcycles and bicycles. Th young drummer is very talented as you […]

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Hail storm attacks Petra’s garden

This morning around eight, a hail storm attacked Petra’s garden. I am sure that regional agriculture suffered. The bamboo we planted two weeks ago is fine. Watch the video and look at the photos.  

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Petra’s Flower Garden (Our Backyard)

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