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L’Amour des Trois Oranges et L’Amour du Vin.

Every two years the Troupe de Serreaux-Dessus an ensemble of amateur and semi-professional actors performs a quality theatre show under the summer sky. The stage is set on the backyard of the house of Antoine and Henriette Nicolas, winemakers with over forty years of experience producing good white wine in the hills of Begnins, overlooking […]

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An essence of Switzerland.

This photo I took while unplugging in Sent, Graubünden captures an essence of Switzerland:

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An unforgettable Swiss train ride.

In the land of watches, trains arrive and depart on time. The SBB, the Swiss Train Authority, takes pride in stating that 96% of trains do so. Last Friday, like many weekdays, I left my house at 9:37 and caught the bus across the street at 9:39. I was heading to the studio to edit […]

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Horn-y Switzerland

In autumn of 2018 Switzerland voted on a proposition to subsidize those farmers willing to let their cows and goats grow horns. For decades their horns have been welded at very high temperatures at an early age to prevent them from growing. It is very painful as you can imagine. The reasoning behind this treatment […]

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Neutral and Peaceful

Switzerland is known as a neutral and peaceful country. Watch the video to find out more.

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After 3 months of being online, 3,274 views, 53 posts and 177 comments, Swiss readers and followers of are expressing a particular feeling. They feel the blog is an apology for Switzerland. They feel that what I have written and documented so far is all about the good things of their country. Some of them are not […]

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Public Bathroom

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, it is not always easy to talk about traits that fit the entire nation. Cleanliness, civic responsibility, democracy, tasty cheese, excellent chocolate, accurate timepieces and beautiful people are among some that can be applied to the entire territory. Public bathrooms are a good example of the […]

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Hiking the Klöntal

On August 1, Switzerland’s National Holiday, Annie, Marina, Petra, Mia and I went hiking in the Klöntal valley. Annie who grew up in the area served as the unofficial guide. She was a good guide. We hiked almost 5 hours, and towards the end ran into a wonderful surprise: an Alphorn player. The music reverberated in […]

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Petra prepared a traditional Swiss dish called Raclette, for my son Daniel who is visiting and for the two of us. It’s made up of melted Raclette cheese, potatoes and a variety of side dishes, such as pickled onions, pickled caper fruit, red peppers, plum tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, mini corns and radishes. The Raclette cheese […]

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New bicycle!

A bicycle in Switzerland is not a recreational item. It is a means of transportation that is taken very seriously. So I did. It is the first time I spend more than $150 on a bicycle; much more! and with a helmet! It is a Bergamont Sponsor. Shimano SLX 24-Speed. 28” Trekking, alloy 6061 Lite […]

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