Petra and I went to Paris this past weekend. It was her gift for my birthday.
¡Nice gift! We had an unforgettable 3 days.

We rode the TGV that put us in Paris, from Zürich, in 4 hours. It used to take 7. So for my filmmaker friends, students and video enthusiasts, I shot this clip when the train peaked in speed at 320 Km/Hr (about 200 mph). The train rides at this speed only on the French side. I did it all with the iPad3: shot it (using FILMiC Pro, a great recommendation by Allan Tépper), edited it in iMovie, and uploaded it to Vimeo. The video was shot at 25 fps with no speed effects or changes to the original.

Enjoy the ride through the French countryside (near Dijon).

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  1. When I rode it, I liked the feeling of when the engineer changed speeds and the sensation of being pressed slightly back into the seat… Such a wow! Perhaps some day this continent will get back to using trains well. I rode from Philly to DC this summer and it was nice but not as fast and Miami to DC was way long…
    TGV … flying on the rails…

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