Almost three months ago we went to the Üetliberg, a mountain in the city of Zürich, rising to 873 m (2864 ft). The Üetliberg offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Zürich and the Lake of Zürich. The woods are beautiful and the vistas are magnificent.

I put a small video camera (Go Pro) around Mia’s neck, as we walked, mainly down, the Üetliberg. It is the closest I could get to recording her point of view. I also recorded her with a still camera that also shoots video.

Her perspective can be dizzying. She walks and runs, runs and walks. When she stops, she forces you to really look at what she sees. Low into the ground, she smells the slightest scent of other animals: Mia’s favorite thing. Not to hunt, but to smell. Her rhythm is like jazz: improvisational, free, sometimes chaotic, but with a structured pace. I thought that John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things, one of my favorite jazz tunes, captures the essence of Mia’s favorite thing.

You will also experience how it feels to be surrounded by dandelions, milk thistles, tall grasses, dried leaves, and many other alpine weeds.

If you suffer from motion sickness you might want to take some Dramamine beforehand, and then watch the 13-minute video sitting down, or close your eyes when the vertigo whirls in, and just enjoy the wonderful music.  Otherwise, you will be raptured and mesmerized by the video and the music as they blend into a visual canine symphony. Watch it all the way to the end, uninterrupted, preferably with headphones/earbuds, and you will understand what I mean.

Enjoy it.


  1. Awesome. John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things is one of my faves, too. And dogs…another of my faves. Strap a camera on and I’m hooked…the whole 13 minutes! I like the selective addition of slow motion and the reverse angle from your handheld. I enjoyed this!

  2. Who did the music for this video?

    1. Author

      The performance and arrangement is by John Coltrane.
      The name of the song is My Favorite Things and it is based on the tune from the Broadway musical and then the film The Sound of Music. The music is by Richard Rodgers and the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.

      1. My lines were a little too elliptic…
        I wanted to say that the choice is so perfect… or that Mia can be proud that Mister John Coltrane himself composed the sound track of her Uetliberg ride’s video!

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