Photo of black madonna from the Einsiedeln Shrine.

A couple of days after Petra’s mother’s funeral we went to the Shrine of Our Lady of Einsiedeln. Petra wanted to light a candle in honor of her mother. Even though Petra is an atheist, like me (Thank God!), she did it in respect to her mother.

I thought the Black Madonna came from Africa.

Its dark color has been traditionally explained as the product of years of candle smoke. Throughout the Middle Ages, as many as 50,000 pilgrims streamed into this Benedictine monastery each week. Despite temporary setbacks to the pilgrimage tradition during the Reformation and especially the major destruction during the French Revolution, Einsiedeln continues to receive pilgrims – about 200,000 each year.

We had a typical Swiss lunch:  sausage with a piece of bread and a beer.

We then went for a walk in the hills about a kilometer from the Shrine. Mia was with us. We thought we could let her walk without a leash but her nose is out of control and she would not obey and follow us.

You walk a lot in Switzerland! I think that is why Swiss people live long lives.



  1. Condolences to Petra. It is hard to lose a parent no matter what.

    Was the paradox intentional when you said “she’s an atheist, like me (Thank God!)” or not intentional?

    I am not so convinced of the candle soot explanation for the blackness of the Lady and Child. A simple analysis would determine the verity of that. I suspect there might be other reasons.

    1. Author

      First time I read the expression was from Luis Buñuel’s autobiography, where he said, in Spanish, though the book is originally in French, Soy ateo gracias a dios.

  2. Rubén:
    En realidad tu vida nunca ha sido aburrida. Te envidio y sobretodo te felicito.
    Disfruta cada momento. Saludos a Petra, algun dia nos conoceremos.

    Cariños y que Dios los bengia hoy mañana y siempre.
    Te quiere tu prima, Elena

  3. Querido Tribi

    Esto fue una gran sorpresa para mi. Te vez Feliz y te deseo todo lo mejor.

    Besos Pilar (todos te admiramos)

  4. ¡Ahora si que se jo…. esto! Me lo dijiste; lo anunciaste y ahora lo vemos… Un Abruña en Suiza. Como buen ciudadano español. (Europeo). Te felicito, ojalá tuviera la edad y los cojo…s para hacer lo mismo.Suiza es espectacular y me encantaría regresar. Es bueno como quiera que lo veas….. UN ABRAZO!!!!

  5. I love it and I’m looking forward to the next video!

  6. Author

    Indudablemente. Mucho del paisaje alpino que he visitado (4 ó 5 regiones) es igualmente espectacular. Pronto vendrán más fotos y videos de igual belleza.



  7. R:

    Se ve que los tres (incluyendo a Mia) están bien “enamoraos”.
    La campiña de Suiza que se ve al fondo de tu foto se ve espectacular.

    Saludos Sostenibles,


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