The room had a mat and a Quran, available for guests to use for prayer. All that was needed was the arrow to know in which direction to do it; that is, Mecca.

From the hotel room I could hear the first, fourth and fifth calls to pray. I was in class during the second and third ones, and could not hear them in the classroom.

1. Salat al-Fajr, or the morning prayer, is said after dawn and before sunrise.
2. Salat al-Zuhr, or the early afternoon prayer, is said when the sun begins to decline, and its time extends till the next prayer. On Fridays, the Friday service takes the place of this prayer.
3. Salat al-`Asr, or the late afternoon prayer, is said when the sun is about midway on its course to setting, and its time extends to a little before it actually sets.
4. Salat al-Maghhrib, or the sunset prayer, is said immediately after the sun sets.
5. Salat al-`Isha, or the early night prayer, is said when the red glow in the west disappears, and its time extends to midnight. But it must be said before going to bed.

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  1. What did you do with the arrow? with the time?

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