Yesterday, my monthly train ticket expired. Today, I began riding Petra’s bicycle to school. It’s a 25-30 minute ride. Uphill for 12, then the rest is downhill. Returning is tougher, of course.



  1. In Puerto Rico maybe they will steal the rack and leave the bike.

  2. On summer, OK! On winter days… I dont really know…

    1. Author

      You are right. In winter , not. Ya veremos…
      Petra, however, is hardcore. She rides in the winter, unless there is snow on the ground.

  3. I always knew down deep you had a biker in there

  4. Is there a bike rack at school? Do you have a bike lock? Or is that not necessary in Switzerland? Do you wear a helmut? Googles?

    1. Author

      There are bike racks in many places. Across the street from my school there is a bike parking area that accommodates over 100 bicycles. For the moment, I use Petra’s bike. When she rides her bike to work, she does not lock it, but she locks it in more public places. When I ride it, I always lock it: too many years living in Puerto Rico, New York and Miami to not lock it. I always wear a helmet. Petra wears a helmet most of the time. I, like Petra, only use goggles to swim in the wonderful lakes that surround us.

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