Bicycle Days

Yesterday, my monthly train ticket expired. Today, I began riding Petra’s bicycle to school. It’s a 25-30 minute ride. Uphill for 12, then the rest is downhill. Returning is tougher, of course.


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8 thoughts on “Bicycle Days

  1. Enrique

    In Puerto Rico maybe they will steal the rack and leave the bike.

  2. Kiko

    On summer, OK! On winter days… I dont really know…

    • You are right. In winter , not. Ya veremos…
      Petra, however, is hardcore. She rides in the winter, unless there is snow on the ground.

  3. brad

    I always knew down deep you had a biker in there

  4. michael valverde

    Good exercise Ruben! :)

  5. Is there a bike rack at school? Do you have a bike lock? Or is that not necessary in Switzerland? Do you wear a helmut? Googles?

    • There are bike racks in many places. Across the street from my school there is a bike parking area that accommodates over 100 bicycles. For the moment, I use Petra’s bike. When she rides her bike to work, she does not lock it, but she locks it in more public places. When I ride it, I always lock it: too many years living in Puerto Rico, New York and Miami to not lock it. I always wear a helmet. Petra wears a helmet most of the time. I, like Petra, only use goggles to swim in the wonderful lakes that surround us.

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