Dada Aktuell is a night of readings, music and film to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Dada. As many of you might know, Dada was born in Zürich.

My latest film will be screened at Dada Aktuell. (See invitation below).
“Le roi cherche une toilette à louer” by Rubén Abruña.
Hand printing, cutting words, mental sounds, and random acts of poetry can lead you to unexpected places where the mundane blends with the sublime. Inspired by a “découpé” poem by Tristan Tzara, the film is a celebration of Dada’s 100 anniversary.

Gertrude Schwarzbach has curated Dada Aktuell to take place on April 30, 2016 at:
Grubenstrasse 45
8045 Zürich
+41 044 451 49 49

Time: 19:30 (doors open at 19.15).
Entrance: CHF30
Apéro by GAGA.

If you live in Switzerland or are visiting, I encourage you to come and join us in the celebration.
You will have a wonderful, unforgettable Dada experience!

Dada Aktuell
Dada Aktuell


  1. Toi toi toi!
    Leider bin ich auf einer Taufe in Innsbruck zeitgleich selbst musikalisch aktiv …
    Liebe Grüsse auch an Petra
    Dein Tim

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