This past Monday was the first day of my B1 (Level 3) German class. We had to interview a classmate and then present him/her to the class. One of the questions that we had to ask was, what are the most striking differences between your homeland and Switzerland.  The class has a majority of Spaniards (recently graduated architecture students- a peculiar trend) and they all mentioned the weather. The man from Sri Lanka, the Australian woman, the Iranian woman, and the Italian woman also answered the weather. I answered the organizational system that works very efficiently and the weather.

I am enjoying the change of seasons, and here the seasons are very distinct. Perhaps the most consistent element throughout all seasons is precipitation (rain, hail or snow). It is the rain that makes the countryside so green and lush and which makes the grass grow quickly for the cows, sheep and goats to have plenty of food.

Here are 3 images from our forest that show a typical foggy Fall day.


  1. Las vacas no solo están limpitas si no gorditas también.

  2. I might have mentioned the cultural differences, not the least of which is language but also the fact that all of the cows have been washed so well.

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