I recently received my new Blackmagic Cinema Camera that I had ordered in July of 2012. I took a one-day break from the color grading of La Casa Ausente to test the camera and its workflow with DaVinci Resolve 9.

Inspired by Vertov and Goethe, I shot a short story about the waterwheel near my house in Zürich, one overcast morning in late March. (Video is at the end of this text in case you want to skip the technical description that follows).

To my filmmaker friends: I wanted to see how well the camera handles a wide dynamic range of light and shadows (13 stops of dynamic range), since this is what the manufacturer and other users claim to be its main strength.

I shot it in high resolution at 2432 x 1366 and in 12-bit RAW uncompressed.
I used a Sigma 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 lens. Audio was recorded in-camera with its built-in microphone.

I loaded the material into DaVinci Resolve 9 and made a rough assembly. (No grading).
Exported an XML to FCP 10.0.8.
Edited audio and video in FCP.
Created and edited the music.
Exported an XML to DaVinci Resolve 9.
Did a Primary grade on each shot.
Exported an XML to FCP.
Added credits in FCP.
Uploaded it to Vimeo as 1280 x 720 @ 25fps., stereo.

I am convinced and excited to have such a wonderful motion picture camera.

I recommend that you view it using headphones.


  1. Very sweet. Super long delivery time. Loved your music.

  2. Loved it! First time I hear about “Blackmagic Cinema Camera”. Is it worth the investement? I’m sure it should work with AVID, right?

    1. Author

      Thanks. I think it is worth it. They came out with two new models. One cheaper and smaller, another bigger and more expensive. Yes, AVID works with it.

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