Coco Joe trepa palo y tumba cocos, y los vende a dos pesos.

Duerme en la caseta del salvavidas o en la 8.

Cuando le dije que está en buena forma me contestó: “no, yo lo que estoy es bueno”.

¡Qué disfrutes del video!


  1. Muy buen trabajo Rubén, muy prolijito, me alegro de haberlo tenido de Profesor en Miami Dade

    1. Author

      Gracias Jorge. Siempre me alegra oir de ti. ¿Sigues en Ecuador? Saludos cordiales. Rubén

  2. Beautiful – text also in English, please :-)

    1. Author

      Dear Tim, thanks for the comment.
      The coconut feller from Escambrón.
      Coco Joe climbs trees, brings down coconuts, and sells them for two dollars.
      He sleeps in the lifeguard’s hut or in “la 8”, (a well known surfing beach)

      When I told him he was in good shape, he replied “no, I am hot”

      Enjoy the video!

      In the video the man asks him how much he sells them for and he replied two dollars. The man says “it’s too little.” Then I tell him he should pay more. He says, “no I don’t want them, but he can ask for more because it’s a tough and dangerous job.” I agree and say that he once fell. Coco Joe shows his wrist where he had broken his bone when he fell. He walks away carrying two handfuls of coconuts. Fin.

      ¡Qué disfrutes del video!

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