After almost 8 months, over 5,000 views, more than 70 posts, and 200+ comments in this blog, I realized that I had overlooked something essentially Swiss. A feel better story. The mood changer par excellence. With Easter coming up soon, they are getting ready to consume tons of it. The famous Sprüngli shop in Zürich has delicious-looking and beautifully-designed landscapes full of it. Please see the pictures.


  1. Remind the Swiss where the cacao came from and chocolate originated. Put some chili in that stuff and kick it up another notch! Viva las Americas!
    and make sure they are buying organic, fair traded cacao and not any harvested by kids in Africa….
    Don’t want all those chocolate enzymes making ya’ll feel too gut.

    1. Author

      All the Swiss friends and acquaintances I know are very aware about the origins, just like the money in the Swiss banks. Fair trade is quite mainstream here. I think, however, that Nestlé still brings a sizable portion that is not fair-trade. All fair trade chocolate is clearly labeled.

  2. Yum! Can’t believe you forgot about the chocolate! :)

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