Is what it takes for a Puerto Rican to tell a Swiss what a glacier is, as I recently did on an editing job, when we were searching for stock footage of one.


  1. ah you were snowed
    so you’re learning at glacial speed;-)

    1. Author

      As it is often the case, when you need a shot that quickly says exactly what you want, it takes a good deal of time to find it. Just like a word. We were looking for a shot that in less than three seconds could say glacier. The video is not for broadcast so it will be seen, at the largest size, in a laptop. Therefore the shot needs to have a sense of scale that does not confuse the viewer. A glacier in a laptop screen might look like a pile of snow and vice versa. Essentially that was the funny contradiction. I found two seconds of a shot that to me read as glacier. Soon after, the Swiss producer, who knows glaciers, corrected me by saying Rubén that’s just snow on a mountain peak, that is not a glacier.

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