My things arrived at my house in Zürich on June 21, about 6 weeks after I had shipped them from Miami. I finally had time to put together something that captures my feelings about it.
Please watch:


  1. I so relate to this entry. I see my father in his last bed, not his, no clothes on, only a faint hard won smile, and labored breath, and leaving just as he came into carnation, naked. So, it really is. The less I have the freer I am. Only my relationships matter and in that case the more I have the better and the more time with them the best.

  2. I loved this video professor. I have been following your blog and I love it :) I have to say that a big part of my life was molded by the great professors I had. There is no doubt that I have seen them not as just educators, but character developers on the life of many. I have a great respect for you professor, and I have enjoyed all your posts. I feel that I’m in Switzerland with you. As an immigrant also, I had the opportunity not just to live in the US (where I currently reside), but in Europe for 8 months of my life. Your blog brings me memories, some really cool feelings, and most of all; a deep love for the beautiful creation that we live, that is not only made by nature, but also by relationships. Keep the great work professor! :)

  3. They do not own you and you do not own them. Our creator owns you and everything you think you own. Remember, the only thing you will take with you when you die is your check list of how you lived your life. Also “out of sight out of mind”. Did you need anything in those boxes for the last six weeks? Do you miss the things you gave away? Enjoy the moment.
    Just a thought….
    Love Elena

  4. Be careful with your electrical stuff. They won’t work there.

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