A bicycle in Switzerland is not a recreational item. It is a means of transportation that is taken very seriously. So I did.
It is the first time I spend more than $150 on a bicycle; much more! and with a helmet!
It is a Bergamont Sponsor.
Shimano SLX 24-Speed.
28” Trekking, alloy 6061 Lite Tubing, formed tubings, trekking geometry.
Magura HS-11 Pure, Hydraulic brakes.
Front and back lights (mandatory in the land).
Bought it on Thursday (two days ago). Went to school on Friday with it! A breeze!
It is a wonderful bike!
Zürich’s steep hills: No problem.
Can you spot the handy air pump?

New Bergamont Sponsor bicycle.


  1. Cuanto te costo la bicicleta?

    1. Author

      Bicicleta, casco y candado por CHF848 (francos suizos). Al momento CHF1 = US$1.02

  2. when you pay that much it’s mandatory to list its details but it still has that ball numbing seat design… i want one that supports both nalgas without pinching the prostate;-)

    1. Author

      Actually the seat is not ball nor nalgas numbing. The seat itself has a shock absorbing mechanism that mitigates the bumps. The bicycle also has shock absorbers. Don’t know about the prostate pinching effects, though. On the other hand, riding up the hills can be literally breathtaking, even with a good bike. It is certainly very aerobic.

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