Enjoy this video of  a collection of photos captured in Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, Costa Rica.
For the optimal experience view it on full screen and listen to it with headphones.


  1. Sehr schöner Beitrag zu Costa Rica. Da kommen mir gleich Erinnerungen hoch. Egon und ich waren 1981 für längere Zeit dort.

  2. slow is better – and small is beautiful :-)

  3. What are you doing going to Costa Rica without us? ;-) I’ve been there… I am curious about your choice to use stills rather than motion video.

    1. Author

      I used both stills and video. These Strandscapes are best portrayed with stills. Un abrazo.

  4. ¡Que bonito! Por correo te envio mis dos escenas favoritas.
    Cuando hagas un CD de tu música, avísame. Seré el primero
    en comprarlo.

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