Recently I went back to the editing studio where I spent countless hours editing La Casa Ausente / The Absent House to pick up some disks for my daughter Sara. Along with them I also brought home two books that I had almost forgotten: The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, illustrated by Maira Kalman, and Flock & Shadow, new and selected poems by Michael Hettich. There was a handwritten note to me from Michael dated on 18 January 2006 that stated: Great to see you, hope you like these. I re-read some of the poems. One titled There Was a Mother caught my inspiration and I created and musicalized a video for it. The video is best appreciated in HD, full screen, actual size, and with headphones. Enjoy it!


  1. Lovely scenery and music as a backdrop to Michael’s magical pom.

  2. Ruben, you made my day! What a beautiful video you created for Michael’s amazing poem! I love it!
    I have seen it at least 20 times. I like the goosebumps I get from reading the poem and watching the video.

  3. Hermoso como siempre…Me gusto la sincronización de algunos momentos importantes de los versos con la imagen…o como diria Martorel… Imalabras. Sal Sos,

  4. I just realized you posted this tomorrow!

  5. You are amazing and I am too a fan of Michael’s poetry. Next time you are close, please ring us up and we can have some coffee. Meanwhile more of this would be wonderful.

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