Recently my brother Tito visited us. He was in Basel for a conference at the University and stayed with us overnight in Zürich. Through his eyes I witnessed once again what I did almost 5 years ago when I first moved here: how things work well, how superbly organized and clean the cities are, and how amazing the public transportation system is. We went to the Kunsthaus to see the work of Alberto Giacometti, the talented Swiss artist who is emblazoned in the 100 Franc note, we walked in the woods near our house, watched Petra spin thread from wool, had a nice dinner with friends, and went up 2128 meters (6981 ft.) to see Mount Pilatus. It was a memorable visit. I adopted his phrase of calling the 100 bill a Giacometti. Enjoy the video and photos. Check out the interactive map to see where Mount Pilatus is located.

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