UPDATE: Becoming a legal resident.

Today, lo and behold, I received my AUFENTHALTSTITEL. Now I am a legal resident and have the right to work in Switzerland!
My name is correctly spelled with ñ!: Abruña. In my US Passport my name has always been Abruna without the ñ. It is something that has always bothered me and all the members of my family.
On a separate letter which also arrived today, there was an invoice for CH947.35 for taxes! Ñoo! I could not believe both, the audacity to charge me taxes and the efficiency of the system! Later on I found out from Petra that this money will be reimbursed. It is an automatic periodic tax charge.
In upcoming posts I will be writing about taxes in Switzerland in light of all the discussions about taxes in the US.
Hint: Taxes are necessary and good!
US citizens need to change their view about taxes, or the country will continue its downward spiral.

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Becoming a legal resident.

  1. Tere Campos

    ¡Viva la ñ ! ¡Viva la Ñ! ¡Vivan las eñÑes!
    Un país que respeta una ñ, merece todo mi respeto.
    maña caña araña coño moño madroño mañana hazaña calaña

    • Felicitaciones. Los Gringos en Gringolandia me tienen un lado seco con eso de “Mr. Abruna” carajo no hay quien los tolere con toda esa Mierda.

  2. Marielena Abruna

    I do not know Brad but he sure does have a great sense of humor. Also, he surely studied carefully your resident card. By the way, how does it feel to be a resident alien????

  3. ¡Viva la ñ/Ñ!
    ¡Un teclado sin eñe es como un día sin sol!

  4. brad

    So do you have enough german to actually understand it? Down at the bottom I think it says This permit will cost you.
    And the bull above your head symbolizes more bs on the way.
    But then I could be wrong. My german is very rustic.

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