Today, lo and behold, I received my AUFENTHALTSTITEL. Now I am a legal resident and have the right to work in Switzerland!
My name is correctly spelled with ñ!: Abruña. In my US Passport my name has always been Abruna without the ñ. It is something that has always bothered me and all the members of my family.
On a separate letter which also arrived today, there was an invoice for CH947.35 for taxes! Ñoo! I could not believe both, the audacity to charge me taxes and the efficiency of the system! Later on I found out from Petra that this money will be reimbursed. It is an automatic periodic tax charge.
In upcoming posts I will be writing about taxes in Switzerland in light of all the discussions about taxes in the US.
Hint: Taxes are necessary and good!
US citizens need to change their view about taxes, or the country will continue its downward spiral.


  1. ¡Viva la ñ ! ¡Viva la Ñ! ¡Vivan las eñÑes!
    Un país que respeta una ñ, merece todo mi respeto.
    maña caña araña coño moño madroño mañana hazaña calaña

    1. Felicitaciones. Los Gringos en Gringolandia me tienen un lado seco con eso de “Mr. Abruna” carajo no hay quien los tolere con toda esa Mierda.

  2. I do not know Brad but he sure does have a great sense of humor. Also, he surely studied carefully your resident card. By the way, how does it feel to be a resident alien????

  3. So do you have enough german to actually understand it? Down at the bottom I think it says This permit will cost you.
    And the bull above your head symbolizes more bs on the way.
    But then I could be wrong. My german is very rustic.

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