The Swiss have started a campaign to create a law that would set a 1:12 ratio in salary compensation. That means that the highest salary would not be more than 12 times the lowest salary. You see the 1:12 banners hanging from windows in many buildings. There is opposition to this proposal and you see it mainly in large billboards in train stations. White letters over a black background warn voters that they should not allow the state to determine the salary of an individual.

I checked how the “greatest democracy in the world” (USA) fares in this category. The statistics point to a ratio somewhere around 450:1 In Japan it is around 15:1. 

According to polls, opinions are almost equally divided between the pro and against camps.

Enjoy the pictures!


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  1. First, I think you need to put quotes around “the greatest democracy in the world” to demonstrate the irony.
    Second, I think 450:1 is very low. I think in is somewhere in the thousands: one.
    Good luck with the campaign. It used to be that way back in the powerful unions day for stewards and members but got lost there too here.

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