Sounds like I am planning a deadly engagement, but I’m not.
On Saturday at the Oerlikon open market I discovered these wonderful arrangements. They are made out of flowers, vegetables, leaves, pine cones, and other natural products. They are used to remember dead friends and relatives for the upcoming day of the dead.

Speaking of day of the dead, my friends Armando Espinosa and Craig Johnson just completed Todos Santos, a documentary about the day of the dead festivities in the Bolivian village of Candelaria, in the Southern Andes.

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  1. My grandmother was never fond of cut flowers. She loved her garden and flowers on the plants. I get it now. When I was a Genesis Farm, they remembered the dead with a simple ritual that involved scattering wildflower seeds. I like the planting of life to remember the dead much more than cutting flowers no matter how beautiful the arrangement.

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