Most, if not all, Europeans call holidays what Americans know as vacations. Many Europeans, notably the French, Swiss, Germans, Austrians, Dutch, and Italians take the month of August for holidays. Have you seen Godard’s film Week-End? Well, his is the nightmarish political view of it. Worth watching as most of his flicks. For me, it is a wonderful new experience. I remember working at Channel 10 in Miami and having only 2 weeks of vacations per year! Only after 4 years was I able to earn 3 weeks. That is the norm in the USA for the jobs that (still) offer paid vacations as part of the benefits.

We wanted to do two weeks of holidays in the month of August in the South of France. The only problem was that almost all the hotels were booked. The ones that were not were either out of our price range or out of our decency range.

So my last resort was Airbnb. To my surprise, the choices were quite diverse and attractive. We landed two amazing places: 1) an apartment in La Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier, the famous building in Marseille (it is also a tourist destination for architects, students and art lovers) designed by the eponymous famous Swiss architect; 2) an 18th Century house in the medieval city of Beaucaire.

Here is a photo from each place, and a link to the photographic and literary journal I made of this most wonderful holiday, in the company of the best traveling partner I know and love.

The title of the journal “Sans Sulfite” (in English it means Without Sulfites) has to do with our quest for good wines that are organic (bio in this part of the world), use no sulfites, and use local yeasts (for fermentation). It is quite a movement in the vineyards bordering the Rhone River, also known as Côtes du Rhone. Enjoy the journal that has over 100 photos and images along with daily journal entries. I made it for us but I think you will enjoy it as if you had also visited, trekked, swam, wined and dined in Marseille, Cassis, Les Calanques, Beaucaire, Tarascon, Arles, Vallabrègues, Camargues, and other beautiful locations in the South of France.  You will see and read that all the good things you hear about the South of France are true!

Happy Holidays (the European kind)!

The link to the the journal is:

La Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier
La Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier


18th Century House in Beaucaire
18th Century House in Beaucaire


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  1. wonderful, the voyage of love :-) But no is no, no? :-)

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