After living in the wonderful city of Zürich I look back at the two months that have come and gone.


  1. LIke everything in life, like life itself, everything is a process. How easy it is is relative to how much you love. How difficult it may become it depends on your fears and attachments, but you have gone past that stage.
    Mercedes Sosa in her song ” El tiempo el implacable, el que paso” says: “Aferrarse a las cosas detenidas es ausentarse de la vida”.
    Eres libre..estas vivo
    Un abrazo

  2. Great concept..I imagined how the language almost felt like that. reversed.

  3. Un boricua LOCO, en Suiza, con un embeleco en la cabeza y fotografiando hacia atrás… Excelentes tomas o vistas. (La persona en el “Troley”, estaba mirando un poco asusta’o)…

  4. If looking back is also coming home, it’s a great thing!

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