Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the Migros supermarket to buy coffee (local markets do not open on Sunday) and ran into this mode of transportation, parked outside. I took pictures of it. As I was leaving, the driver appeared. It is basically a tricycle. According to the US manufacturer, it goes up to 20 MPH, and it’s totally human-powered! An electrical supplemental option is available. It does move fast. It did attract many curious viewers because it is rare. Notice how the older woman at the end of the video is startled by it! The vehicles are built in the US, Holland and Germany. Super cute. They sell for around $11K. So…
If you are thinking about what to get me for the holidays…

Shot with the iPhone 4s using FILMiC Pro, and edited in FCPX.


  1. Ruben, I think you can buy a new automobile for $11K. Nevertheless is a nice invention. Thanks for sharing. Keep enjoying your experinces in Switzerland! bc

    Muy interesante, estas viviendo experiencias nuevas, me alegra por tí.
    Te extrañamos en nuestra boda fue el 16 de Junio en México.
    Joseph te envia saludos.

  3. Me encanta el Velomóvil!!!
    Qué interesante diseño! Me recuerda que estamos viviendo en el siglo XXI.

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