In our 8th annual edition, yesterday December 1st 2019, we celebrated our version of Thanksgiving. This means a harvest celebration of the fruits of our actions during the year, with friends and loved ones. Petra and I cooked for three days with help from our friend Christophe. We served plenty of food that included garlic-ginger green beans, shiitake mushrooms with bok choy, vegetarian stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato cornbread muffins, carrots with cumin and herbs, and an organic mojo turkey. For dessert we served a Garam Masala pumpkin pie, and a chestnut-purée cake with birch sugar. Wine was kindly provided by our friend Rolf. One of the highlights of the evening was singing Mi limón, mi limonero with Petra playing the accordion.

She did a great job. Despite me and others sounding out of tune, we sang our hearts out with joy.

Enjoy the 5-Polaroid photo slide show, and the video of our group performance of Mi limón, mi limonero.


  1. Tus invitados tienen mucha paciencia y los quieren a ustedes ¡muuuuucho!
    Los pantalones están “brinca charcos”

  2. ¡Fabuloso! Me alegro saber que lo pasaron tan bien. Estoy muy agradecido de tener amigos como los que figuran en esta reunión.

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