It sounds like the name of a punk band. Last year we spent a few days hiking the beautiful Strada Alta in Canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland.
Enjoy the video.


  1. Poor Mia! She so wants to track down those goats. I almost laughed at the expression on the goats faces looking at Mia, like, “Yeah, dude. Come and get me now.” Then they laugh. Beautiful countryside. Hope you get lots of goat milk cheese there.

    1. Author

      Goat cheese here is excellent! I am particularly fond of it because I am lactose intolerant and goat cheese does not affect me, so I can eat loads of it.

  2. Mia has been listening to all that German and got confused on her heritage… Hound not Shepherd! Mia.

  3. Well, the singer of this Punk band is quiet good. But i’d swear she belongs to the post-modern punk style (tendency BD/SM with her breast leather harness).
    And the audience as well: you can easily recognize the almost gothic horn helmets and the expressionless attitude of young people having eaten rough stuff, pretending that everything in nature is good for you.
    A stupendous report of ethnomusicology!

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