The second one of a series of “moment videos”: in the lobby of the magnificent 5-star hotel Le Negresco in Nice, France. We spent some nights in this gorgeous city on the French Riviera, in the Fall of 2012. After having dinner in the hotel, we sat in the lobby where I recorded the video. The intent is to make you, the viewer, look, listen and allow to be absorbed by the moment, as if you were present in the space.

Absorb the 1-minute long moment.


  1. Me encantó el video. Es una muy linda invitación to “slow down”. Gracias, Rubén.

  2. Thanks for sharing as it made me pause for these two minutes. Enjoyed the over-sized, colorful figurine.
    Liked the reflection it created on the clean marbled floors. The piano in the background adds to this peaceful moment. Ruben, keep the videos coming.

    1. and the beautifully moving shadow …

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