Two weeks ago Mia was bitten by a dog. What seemed like a minor event developed into a life-threatening situation in no time.

Three days after the encounter with an aggressive mixed Collie, we took Mia to the veterinarian. She had emergency surgery to remove a large clump of tissue to contain the quickly spreading infection. Even her lungs were affected by the bite. She spent the night at the vet’s and returned home the next day with a scar on her back, behind her neck, in the shape of a cross that measured roughly 20 cm. wide and 6 cm. long. The infection was so severe that she was prescribed two different types of antibiotics to fight it.

She felt weak, and disoriented. She had to wear a body suit to protect the wound stitched with metal clips, and to prevent further infections. The suit was uncomfortable, and felt to her like another layer of skin which she tried to remove by shaking her body almost every twenty minutes. Sleeping was difficult for all of us. At night she would come to our bedroom to sleep with us, something unusual for her. We suffered as if her wounds were ours, and gave her all the love and attention she wanted and needed. The quality of our days was determined by Mia’s reaction to the treatment.

She seemed to be getting better but a week after the accident the wound oozed again and we had no choice but to return to the vet for her to have yet another, albeit smaller, surgery to remove more dead tissue and to close the wound which had split open. The antibiotic treatment was prolonged and she continued wearing the body suit.

The owner of the attacking dog is an honest and friendly man whom Petra had met over twenty years ago when she worked at a refugee asylum where he had landed after fleeing his home in Iran. Small world it is indeed that he ends up moving to our neighborhood. He felt very bad and promised to assume responsibility for the entire medical treatment. Luckily for all, we live not only in the land of milk and money, but also in insurance paradise. His dog insurance will cover what amounts now to almost two thousand Swiss francs in medical treatments. He visited us to see how Mia was getting along. When he entered the house Mia hid behind me. She knew well who he was, and wanted nothing to do with him. As the owner of three dogs rescued from the shelter, he understood and respected her wish. With both hands across his chest he held his heart in tenderness. He truly felt sorry.

On Monday – yesterday – we took Mia to the vet once again for a follow up visit. She knows the way to the vet’s office so well, that as soon as we get off the tram, and walk toward the clinic, she makes every attempt at turning around and going back. As we enter the office she begins trembling uncontrollably, but knows there is no chance of going back, and resigns herself to wearing a muzzle and letting the doctor do his job. He removed the metal clips and allowed her to take off the body suit. This two actions were major signs that Mia is getting well.

Enjoy the short film.


  1. Glad to hear she’s doing well. And I really admire your ability to tell a story with a few pictures!

  2. Bites of animals are dangerous – best wishes to all the three of you!

  3. Leí todo el texto sobre Mia con el corazón asustado. Me da pesar que se haya topado con tanta violencia una perrita tan dulce como es ella. No quisiera que le pasara nada. La verdad es que es fácil enamorarse de Mia! Me alegro que esté mejor. Lindo el vídeo. Me hizo llorar verla abatida. Un beso a los tres.

  4. I understand all your sufferings & sleepless nights with Mia. I went through difficult & painful times with three dogs and one cat. Atria with Addison’s Disease, Gaia with melanoma cancer, Nanda with COPD and Eddie who was in remission developed pneumonia while cancer was already spreading to his liver and lungs.
    Only love can heal and help them to tolerate any kind of uncomfort………Greta is 14 years and is running around like a rabbit every morning but then she ends up very tired during the afternoon. She is completely toothless. When Greta had her teeth pulled out on two occasions, I stayed up several nights cleaning blood stain around her mouth, while she slept in my arms. Pets are always so adorable!
    Good to know that Mia is well and everything is going back to normal. Take Care!

    1. Author

      Thank you Peggy. I know you’re a veteran on these matters and I admire how you have dealt with them. Cariños, Rubén

  5. Hi Tribi
    Espero que Mia se mejore. Que edad tiene Mía? Me encanto verla después de leer toda la historia. Muchos besos Pilar ;-)

    1. Author

      Querida Pilar:
      Gracias por el mensaje. Mia tiene diez años de edad. Besos, Rubén.

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