Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, it is not always easy to talk about traits that fit the entire nation. Cleanliness, civic responsibility, democracy, tasty cheese, excellent chocolate, accurate timepieces and beautiful people are among some that can be applied to the entire territory. Public bathrooms are a good example of the first two traits.

I think of all the public bathrooms that I have used across four continents, and they pale in comparison to the ones I have used here. In Zürich and in Switzerland, public bathrooms are not always free. In many public places you pay one franc or less to use the bathroom. They are usually well kept and clean.

However, there are some public bathrooms that are free, which achieve a very high level of sanitary accomplishment. This one is at the very frequented Bahnhof Stettbach.

Enjoy the under 2-minute video..


  1. I love the toilet! It is a woman’s dream! Hey! What did u use to hold your camera? You’ll be missed on campus. Gotta love Europe!

  2. I am convinced you are living on another planet! Who are these Swiss people?

    Here in the U.S. most restrooms are reserved “for customers only”. Those which are available for public patronage are abused in ways I cannot mention on this “family” blog. Let it suffice to say that it is always a health risk to enter them, not to mention an assault on the senses as well. Peee-U!

    Please excuse me, after thinking about the condition of public restrooms in this country, I have to leave to wash my hands.

    After cleaning up, I’m off to the market to get some tasty (swiss) cheese and chocolate.

    Lucky guy, you are.


  3. ¡Excelente! Imagina este equipo en nuestra isla. Primero, se usa sin cerrar porque ya le han eliminado el cerrojo. Segundo, no se sientan, se “eñangotan”, sobre el hueco del inodoro; no apuntan y se tratan de robar la jabonera y el papel. El asiento deja de trabajar y esta sucio. No queda agua ni limpiador. Por supuesto, NO bajan el agua y llegan las moscas y los olores. ¡Lo hacemos mejor! Que bueno es vivir por allá. (Tuve la oportunidad de usar baños similares por allá.)

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