Since the beginning of our relationship one thing that I have admired, found attractive, and loved, is Petra’s skill at sewing and making her own clothing. She has a very good eye for beautiful fabrics. She sees a fabric she likes, buys a piece of it, and in two half-days she makes a dress from beginning to end. It is a wonderful event to witness. She has a closet full of beautiful fabrics waiting patiently to be turned into magnificent dresses. In this short movie I documented part of the process of Petra sewing a dress. Enjoy it!


  1. Such a proud model with her marvelous and talented abilities!

  2. Un traje tropical para una modelo alemana en Suiza con su esposo Boricua…
    Las naciones unidas en un vestido.

  3. Estoy fascinada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qué arte, qué paciencia y qué orgullo bien merecido!
    Me encanta Petra!!!!

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