The 2014 annual report of provides interesting data that I want to share with you: was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014.

The busiest day of the year was December 4th with 74 views. The most popular post that day was Jumping thrice into the Rhine.  Click on the link to watch it.

In the Desert was one of the most commented videos of the year. Click on the link to watch it.

The most viewed posts or pages of the year were: (Click on any to view)

  1. Nacionalidad española
  2. UPDATE: Becoming a legal resident.
  3. Smells and perfumes
  4. BMW Isetta with trailer CU
  5. Mia has to move to a new house
  6. Mia unmakes her bed
  7. Photos from here and there

Tim Klose and Brad Stocker were the most prolific commenters of the blog. You get a heartwarming hug and a special wish for a wonderful, happy and productive New Year, from the team (Petra, Mia and I)

In 2014, the blog had visitors from 88 countries, from all continents except Antarctica. The top countries were:

  1. USA with 683
  2. Switzerland with 319
  3. Puerto Rico with 223
  4. Brazil with 179
  5. France with 95
  6. Spain with 84
  7. Germany with 81
  8. United Arab Emirates with 62
  9. United Kingdom with 50
  10. Italy with 41

This blog continues to be a wonderful way for me to digest the new experiences in the land of milk and money called Switzerland, in this intriguing continent known as Europa and in the more exotic lands of Arabia. Nurturing the blog is an act of personal identification with the struggles of many migrants from around the world to be treated as equals. It is the recognition of what Facundo Cabral and Alberto Cortez, two of the best singer-songwriters from Latin America, sang in a protest song by the title of No Me llames Extranjero (Don’t call me a foreigner).

May 2015 give you the eyes of a newcomer to an old land to experience life afresh every day of the year.



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