Peter and Marianne picked Petra and I up at around noon. In about an-hour drive we were in the area of Lake Constance or Bodensee. Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) is a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps, and consists of three bodies of water: theRead More →

At the Zürich Main Train Station (Zürich HB) a competition was held for artists to paint different cars and a background for it. This one was for a Volvo.Read More →

Our Beagle dog Mia was hard at work shooting video at Zurich’s Uetliberg Park. Watch the trailer of the upcoming movie.Read More →

We were at Urs’ Birthday Party. I started recording video with the phone. Sarah, with a flower bouquet in her hands, began talking.I thought she was saying something about her husband Urs. Actually she was talking about Petra falling in love a year ago (with me). Sarah walks towards usRead More →