Outside many buildings in the Zürich area (Olten) these elegant hooks are installed, to lock the leash and keep your dog secure while you go into the store.Read More →

60 seconds = 1 (Swiss) minute 1 Swiss Minute = 10 Miami minutes 1 Swiss Minute = 20 Puerto Rican minutes So when I tell Petra, “one minute”, it really means twenty. and you… how many minutes of your cultural clock make up a Swiss minute?Read More →

If it is late more than a minute it will be announced! Petra, after we ran to catch a train in vain, 1:30 minutes after its scheduled departure. This was in Olten, after Urs B-day party.Read More →

Lake Petra Alps

A couple of days after Petra’s mother’s funeral we went to the Shrine of Our Lady of Einsiedeln. Petra wanted to light a candle in honor of her mother. Even though Petra is an atheist, like me (Thank God!), she did it in respect to her mother. I thought the Black Madonna came fromRead More →