La visita al Teatro-Museo Dalí fue una experiencia inspiradora y motivadora. El objeto surrealista más grande del mundo está situado en el edificio del antiguo Teatro Municipal de Figueres que fue destruido durante la Guerra Civil.Read More →

In our 8th annual edition, yesterday December 1st 2019, we celebrated our version of Thanksgiving. This means a harvest celebration of the fruits of our actions during the year, with friends and loved ones. Petra and I cooked for three days with help from our friend Christophe. We served plentyRead More →

Al llegar a San Boi de Lluçanès, poblado de quinientos habitantes en la zona catalana de los montes Pirineos, nuestro anfitrión, y panadero del pueblo, me envía un mensaje via WhatsApp invitándonos a pan y coca, pa i coques en catalán. Hasta ese momento solo conocía dos acepciones de laRead More →

(English version and video are below.) Siguiendo el sendero sostenible trazado con La Casa Ausente, el arquitecto Fernando Abruña Charneco presenta su más reciente edificación. La Casa del Horizonte incorpora el sol en la solución energética y se apropia de la luz de la luna llena a través de unaRead More →

There are many stories about the Loch Ness Monster, the Jeti, Bigfoot, Yeran, and many other large mysterious creatures that inhabit our Planet. They are rarely (or never) seen. But on our recent trip to the island of Ratonneau, off the coast of Marseille, we spotted the Boat-Eating Sea Dog.Read More →

During our recent visit to Marseille, we discovered the fattest car in the world inside the Vieille Charité in the old Panier quarter of France’s second largest city. Driving it probably will make you feel skinny. See for yourself.Read More →

I like city walls, especially those that leave space to the imagination. This one around a tight corner is unique. It looks like a musician left a big horn leaning on the wall, and forgot about it. That’s why the graffiti is perfect. Actually the vertical metal structures are meantRead More →

Every two years the Troupe de Serreaux-Dessus an ensemble of amateur and semi-professional actors performs a quality theatre show under the summer sky. The stage is set on the backyard of the house of Antoine and Henriette Nicolas, winemakers with over forty years of experience producing good white wine inRead More →

I am happy to have pitched our film “Holy Shit” during the “Rendez-Vous de la Coproduction Rhénane” at the Ciné Cité in beautiful Strasbourg, France.Read More →