Loggerhead turtles in Culebra, Puerto Rico

We welcomed the New Year in Culebra, one of the islands of the Puerto Rican archipelago. It is best known for Playa Flamenco, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Lesser known is Playa Tamarindo and its well preserved and protected coral reef that hosts thousands of marine species. Sara and Daniel Abruña spotted the area in Playa Tamarindo, where the endangered loggerhead turtles feed. After that, I snorkeled every morning, for a week, with a Go Pro camera, to record these beautiful creatures, along with sting rays and the rich coral reef that borders the coastline.
Enjoy the film and the interactive map!

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Displaced racism

On a recent trip to Italy we encountered this vintage poster in a restaurant. Imagine it in a restaurant, say, somewhere in Miami!

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Love Life.

A highly successful AIDS campaign breaks sexual and racial barriers. Usually displayed in triptychs, the posters are seen across the city of Zürich.

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A cinematic crime.

In the cultured and sophisticated city of Zürich there are still movie theaters that stop the film right smack in the middle to sell you popcorn, candy, and ice cream. Unglaublich!

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The revolution was plotted here!

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, plotted the Russian Revolution from this humble apartment in the medieval city of Zürich.

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Five years of love

We married in Miami on January 6, 2012. A woman took a picture for us. Five years later, we took our own picture on the same spot.

Love can change you and the world!

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…and whatta turkey!

For Thanksgiving, yes Thanksgiving here in our house in Switzerland (Nov. 2016), we accompanied the pies with an organic turkey that weighed slighly less than the pumpkin: 7.2 Kg, almost 16 lbs. This turkey tasted very fresh and with barely any fat. It was delicious. A bit pricey for US standards at $15/lb or Fr32/Kg. We had to order it a week in advance.

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Whatta pumpkin!

Harvested at the beginning of November 2016, this pumpkin from our garden was enough for two pies, stews, and countless soups, some of which are now frozen waiting to be consumed. It weighed 7.8 Kg or 17.16 lbs. ¡Buen provecho!

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Germaphobes, have no fear!

“This bus was cleaned today”, states the blue tag hung by the cleaning crew. Just like in Puerto Rico, Miami, and New York. Right!?

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Moroccan musicians: male and female

In a country like Morocco, where men and women commonly live separate lives, and traditional gender roles are the norm, I had the opportunity to record a men-only and a women-only music band performing in public. The male band played in the grounds of the famous Koutoubia Mosque, the largest one in Marrakesh. The female band played in the Djema el-Fna, a square and market near the Koutoubia Mosque, that dates to the twelve century. Djema el-Fna is a busy center of activity including snake charmers, storytellers, cigarette vendors, fresh juice stands, henna tattoo parlors, perfume sellers, clothing racks, monkey trainers, smoky food stands, hundreds if not thousands of people walking and enjoying the scene, and many musicians. If you have never been to Morocco, Djema el-Fna is one good reason to do visit it. Enjoy the music video and explore the map.

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